your healthy alternative coffee shop


Located in Hamilton Park, Seven Sheep Coffee comes with a Brazilian touch, quality farmed ingredients and relax ambience...


Seven Sheep Coffee is a neighborhood coffee shop that takes great pride in the roaster that provides our beans: Joe Coffee Company.  Welcome, my name is Luciane, I was never able to walk into a coffee shop to simply drink a cup of coffee. I always had a sandwich or a pastry. I grew up in the southern part of Brazil and homemade or farmed foods was and still is a natural way of eating. Seven Sheep is not any different, We use the freshest ingredients and we work with bakeries that reflect our taste, quality and integrity. Some of our homemade baked pastries are vegan or gluten free. Although I have traveled the world and have lived in such cities as London, Lisbon, Honolulu and New York I still find joy in...

"A nice pair of jeans, good music, nice people to talk to, good coffee and great simple food."



(201) 918-6989



342 Seventh Street
Jersey City
New jersey, 07302



M-F  7am to 4:30pm
Sa    8am to 4pm
Su    8am to 3pm

Below are a few items for you to bring to a party, Thanksgiving dinner or an office meeting, Feel free to email or call us.

Croissants: Plain, Almond or Chocolate, One Dozen                                      $26.00

Pineapple Coconut Vegan gluten free Muffins. One Dozen                         $30.00

Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Balls, One Dozen                                            $20.00

Vegan Homemade Muffins, One Dozen                                                          $28.00